A little bit more about me

I graduated in 2010 from Falmouth University with a BA (hons) in Illustration, though that seems a distant memory now! My life since has been exploring and designing on a purely freelance basis, as I like to be able to devote my time efficiently when working for my clients. So far, they've been a mix of extremely decorative to moderately corporate companies. I've worked with local Councils to produce murals and workshops, artisanal florists, boutique cosmetic branding packages, historic stoneware emblems and designs for the financial sector; all with a delicate twist in their design.

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I wish I could think of a witty title for this bit.

My work is creative, energetic, and very feminine. My lines are not sterile, or structured. I work in a decorative and feminine style, often to give an approachable and friendly feel to your design requirements. I create a naivity in my designs that reflect the innocence and honesty of the products they are advertising.
I'm experienced in a multitude of design industries and would provide you with a variety of designs initially, so that we can piece together your perfect design. I am able to work closely with you and provide you with the most bespoke package available. get started!

I can offer a creative bespoke option rather than a sterile corporate approach. So lets get started!

The three most asked questions

Did you always see yourself becoming an illustrator one day?

I was always very creative as a child, my family encouraged me to explore different mediums from a young age. Messy play with my parents, and more traditional painting with my grandparents, not only did I enjoy it, but it was something I could physically achieve independently. As I learnt more about the industry through my foundation degree, I realised that Illustration incorporated everything that I loved about being creative; the harmony between text and image, freedom to explore materials and being able to work with so many different people.

What is the process for transforming your vision into the finished artwork?

I scribble. I scribble an awful lot of my ideas into a book and then I scribble some more. They’re usually illegible to anyone else, but its more about scooping them out of my brain and just getting them onto paper to see what I think of them. After spending a while processing all of my options, its usually the first idea that I like the best anyway, so I begin to clean up the idea, and turn it into a rough design in Photoshop. Its still very loose at this point in time and I’ve found that the process of digital collage itself gives me the great advantage of changing layers very easily if I want to. My process is quite fluid and I like to alter things along the way if I need to.

Are your South West roots significant of your illustrative style?

The loose line in my illustrations definitely convey an organic sense of freedom, which I can only suggest is signified by my surroundings. I love the Devon landscape and the Cornish coastline, and I find that many of my illustrations have a fluidity and many natural elements to them because of this. Being able to explore and experience the fresh air and freedom is one of the biggest forms of motivation for my work. But it's not all seagulls and beach huts.

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