Examples of my work, featured in the real world

I'm so fortunate to have my design work featured in a variety of publications, and these are some of my biggest achievements. It's extremely humbling to know that my Illustrations made such an impact on these individuals that they wanted to share their excitement. Thanks to each and every one of you!

Tactile Illustration lecture

My mixed media illustrations were featured, discussed and critiqued during MA Illustration lectures at Central St Martins, London. Though my work is now mainly digital due to accessibility and timing, I do produce all of the textures in my digital collages by hand, and then piece them together in Photoshop.

Illustration: Meeting the brief

A year or two after graduating from University College Falmouth, I was contacted by the head of Illustration, Alan Male, in request of featuring my fluid line of text incorporation into his latest informative book. His books are the guidelines for almost every Illustration degree at any University, so this was a huge pat on the back for me.

Comforting design

My designs for 'Lives With Living', stories about losing a child with a disability, for the comfort of those who may be facing the same trauma. Though initially fairly basic, the project was delicately interlaced with thoughts of loved ones, and ensuring this book could spread its wings and find those who needed support, the complexity of its design was crucial.

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